Changing the world one student at a time

Changing the world one student at a time

Changing the world one student at a timeChanging the world one student at a timeChanging the world one student at a time

Matching People with Passion!

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We will change the world, one student at a time



Success University has been founded to address a serious gap in our education and career selection processes. The majority of High school graduates will decide to, or decide not to, go to college based on perceived financial lack of opportunity or various other non-scientific reasons. Many students will select a educational journey based on potential financial gain, or this is the education, my parents want for me, or this is what my friends are doing, and various other reasons. So many people of all ages are in survival mode in their career, because they are in a career that does not fit their life, their passion, their personality type. This traditional mold needs to be broken and we are here to break it. 

Carl Jung presented an idea that everyone has a personality type, that is unique, yet shares enough commonalities to be categorized in a way that we can understand general metal process commonalities. Myers-Briggs, a mother daughter team, were amazingly passionate about this concept and so they developed the MBTI (Myers-Brigg Type Indicator that defines 16 general personality types. You can read much more about this at The MBTI determines four unique points about an individual. Please be aware there is a scale to each of the four indicators, so one may only be slightly introverted, extremely introverted or some wide range between those two poles.

1. Introversion or extroversion, is how one commonly chooses to interact with the environment they are in. Does that person draw strength from others in social interaction or does that person generally prefer to gather their mental strength from reflection in smaller setting or alone

2. Sensing or intuition is how one gathers information. The preference might be to gather information through the five senses (preference to gather through the five senses) or through intuition (instinct).

3. Thinking or feeling how one processes that information. One may choose to prefer to process information in an analytical way (Thinking) and others may prefer to process information through their feelings about the situation (feeling)

4. Judging or Perceiving is the measurement of how adaptable or malleable are we in our decision making. When we decide, are we open to new information and willing to change that decision (perceiving) or are we hard in fast to the original decision unless the data is overwhelming (judging)

Success University will start with a dynamic website, this means a website that is creative and powerful, adaptive and useful. This original website is were we will begin. The learner will be able to go to the website and complete a personality assessment and based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator that is determined the learner will be matched with three to five career options that meet their passions, and or personality type. When the learner chooses a career, the website will search for colleges and universities that offer that program, ranked and categorized based on reputation, graduation rates and affordability. The website will also list the top five organizations in hiring in that field of study. Once the learner graduates, they will be able to return to the site and be matched to one of those top five organizations.

In phase two, as resources allow, we will have a success coach in every city across Ohio, that will guide learners through their educational journey and career matching process. This will include meeting with students, assisting in the assessment, assisting in financial aid and educational match, as well as scheduling interviews for the career candidate. Much more to come about this evolution. 

Thank you so much for your support. We truly appreciate you taking this noble journey with us. 

A new approach


This organization will conduct personality assessments for high school graduates and learners of all ages that are trying to find their unique place in this life. We are all uniquely designed for something specific. Myers-Briggs developed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator based on Carl Jung's work on personality. Our nonprofit matches a learner with education that best suits the natural desires of each learner. We will guide and monitor the student through the college process, from researching and matching the student with the college or university that best suits the students needs. 

Building tomorrow's tools


This is only the beginning though, this educational consultant firm will design and develop a dynamic website that can serve as a assessment tool and communication for the learner with their individual success coach, we will create a database of the best universities for each program, and a database of employers that receive the best employee scores through systems such as glass door and others. We will thoroughly research educators and employers to ensure the best match is found for learners. When we match a learner with educators and careers, every aspect of environment and educational style will be thoroughly researched and vetted. We seek to revolutionize the education system in this country and around the world. Businesses spends billions annually on employee motivation programs because they hired a resume and not an individual that is educated in a vocation specifically designed for them. This organization will change the world.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to match learners that cannot afford a life coach to the correct education and career based on their passion, defined through a personality assessment. Your generous donation will fund our mission to change the world. Please make your tax deductible donation today

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